Florence by night

Florence by night

The Uffizi Gallery leading up to the Palazzo Vecchio. The Gallery is on both sides of this picture and lined with statues of various important people from Florence including Michelangelo, Galileo etc.



This tree stands on the grounds of the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton. On a day like today, the contrast between the blue skies mottled with white clouds made an interesting back drop to the tree. Shot with an iPhone and processed using Snapseed.



Day vs Night

In my earlier post I mentioned how pictures look so very different in the day time when compared with night shots. As an illustrative example, the two pictures below are of the same building, taken roughly from the same place (my hotel room in St. Andrews, Scotland) a few years ago. The night shot appears mysterious and enticing, but the day time picture of shows nothing special. The difference is just the absence of uniform light on the building, and the effect of spotlights. Which one do you prefer?

The Old Course Hotel at St. Andrews during the day time

Vilnius by night

Taking photographs after sunset using only natural (or artificial light) brings out features that are seldom seen during the day time. The photograph below is from Vilnius at the Gediminas castle tower.

Gediminas Castle Tower - Vilnius, Lithuania

Dating to the 13th century, the Gediminas castle was rebuilt in 1419 by Grand Duke Vytautas after the great fire of Vilnius. During the 1655 – 1661 Russian occupation the castle towers and defensive walls were completely ruined and only in 1930 was any attempt made to restore the castle. The castle towers over central Vilnius and is accessible by a short climb or by a funicular (which, when I was there, was out-of-order).

Exposure: 3 seconds, f/3.5 ISO200, Nikon D80.