A Demoiselle (not in distress) fly

Earlier this summer, I spotted this beautiful banded demoiselle fly (female) perched on a flower bud. And it just so happened that I had my camera with macro lens! Some results are below.

Banded Demoiselle (Female). Click on picture for a larger version on Flickr
Banded Demoiselle (Female). Click on picture for a larger version on Flickr

There are, according to this handy website, only two species of demoiselles in the United Kingdom, of which I have now photographed one. The other I have seen on occasion in the west country but never been close enough to take a decent photograph. Demoiselles belong to the same family as the dragonflies but are more closely related to the damselflies.

Technical Details:
Nikon D700 with a Sigma f2.8 105mm macro lens
ISO 200 with f8.0 aperture priority
Nikon D600 speedlight flash
Processed in Adobe Lightroom 5.2



Enter if you dare!!

Available in large size on flickr. Click on picture above.


Brandenburg Gate

A potent symbol of Germany and a poignant reminder of the Cold War and the division of a nation after the Second World War. For over 28 years, the Brandenburg gate was behind the wall in East Berlin.

Immediately after the war, one of few structures that remained standing amongst the ruins of Berlin was the Brandenburg Gate.

20131123-100951 AM.jpg