Red on black-and-white is such a cool combination of colours. Red poppies in a wheat field, memories of a summer gone by!

Red Poppy

A red poppy peeks out from between a lush green field of wheat.. At Hinxton in Cambridgeshire.

Red and Green… Click on the photograph for a larger version on Flickr.

Red on Black

Red on Black

I bought a bunch of fenugreek leaves yesterday from the market, and while stripping them, found a half-dead poppy bug with stalk. Within an hour of putting the stalk in a bowl of water, the flower had opened up.. This is that very same flower. Question is? Which country did this poppy originate from? It is too cold in the UK to as yet have fenugreek plants 🙂

1/1600 F11 with flash to keep background under-exposed.