Hedgehog – winter spotting 

I almost walked over this poor little hedgehog this morning! In November – fancy that! The fact that it went totally still and pretended to be part of the background didn’t help at all..

Not the worlds best photo by a very long way, but the best I could without stressing the animal or muddying my work clothes!

Alien Life (Well, almost!)

Sticky pads on legs keep the fly stuck on most surfaces. See in larger size!

Nikon D7000 with a 105mm Sigma f/2.8 macro lens.  f/11 1/250 ISO200. Post-processed (slightly cropped) in NIK Color Efex Pro

Common Blue Butterfly – Female

I seem to have forgotten to post this photograph of a British butterfly to go with the other two I have posted before. The picture is that of a common blue butterfly. The males are bluish in colour but the females have varying amounts of blue.

Common blue – female

Seems like a good way to remember the summer gone by and the dreary winters yet to come!